Reviving Ancient Traditions

Honey mead is mankind's oldest alcoholic beverage, pre-dating beer and wine by thousands of years. It's popularity continued into the Middle Ages...

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Our Product: Boudica's Uprising

Boudica's Uprising is the premier semi-sweet sparkling honey mead in the United States. Go on...smite thy thirst!

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A Drink for Queens & Warriors

Queen Boudica, who led her rebel armies into battle against the tyranny of the Roman Empire, undoubtedly enjoyed mead before each and every fight.

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Food & Drink Promotions

Send us a photo or video of yourself enjoying a Honey Grail product and we'll send you a digital coupon good for discounted food and drinks at your favorite participating bar or restaurant.

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All Natural Ingredients

Honey Grail products are made with all-natural 100% Grade A honey. No sugar or high fructose corn syrup here.

Bigger & Bolder Than Beer

At 6.9% ABV, Honey Grail provides better value than most beers. Compare that to many 4%-5% ABV beers.

Honey Mead

Mankinds Oldest Alcoholic Beverage

Honey mead serves as mankind's oldest alcoholic beverage, pre-dating beer and wine by several thousand years. It's discovery may have occurred quite naturally as Neolithic gatherers stumbled upon honey from a beehive openly fermenting in the wild. Mead's popularity continued into the Middle Ages where it's referenced in Beowulf and by William Shakespeare...

Our Product

Boudica's Uprising:
Craft Sparkling Honey Mead

Boudica's Uprising is the premier semi-sweet sparkling honey mead in the United States. A unique experience not seen for two thousand years.

The Warrior Queen

A Drink to Fuel a Revolution

Celtic lore speaks of the great Queen Boudica who led her people in a widespread revolt against Roman invaders who sought to eliminate her people's way of life. Mead likely served as a favored drink that powered Boudica and her rebel army against tyranny...

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Can't Find Honey Grail Locally?

Get Honey Grail's - Boudica's Uprising straight to your front door. This is the easiest way to find our products in locations where we don't have retail presence. You may also order if you run a bar, restaurant, or retail establishment.

Awards & Recognitions

What are folks saying about Honey Grail?!

Honey Grail is becoming the toast of the town, heralded for its great tasting products and reasonable pricing.

Journey to Find Honey Grail

Honey Grail is Available But Often Hidden

Honey Grail is available in a growing number of retail and restaurant locations. We're just getting started, so it's often difficult to locate. But once you discover it, the journey shall be worth the effort. Tell your local restaurant and grocer that you want them to carry Honey Grail.

Battle Tankard

Buy Boudica's Battle Tankard!

A Wooden, Steel, & Leather Relic Have you earned the right to wield this iconic tankard? Hand crafted by the finest artisans of the realm, this mighty drinking vessel could be yours.

Boudica Boosts Bottom Line

Boudica Boosts Profits!

Recently, we visited a restaurant in Maryland where Honey Grail became their second most profitable beverage in less than one week! Learn how it can happen at any bar.


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