Boudica's Uprising: Craft Sparkling Honey Mead

Boudica's Uprising: Craft Sparkling Honey Mead NewCondition Honey Grail Mead is an adult beverage brewed exclusively with honey. It is the first and oldest alcoholic beverage in human history, some 4,000 years older than beer and wine. Whereas beer is made of grains and wine of fruit, mead is an entirely distinct beverage category. Honey Grail's mead is an effervescent twist on the classic beverage.

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Boudica's Uprising - Sparkling Honey Mead:
   • Least expensive sweet honey mead in the country
   • Fastest growing alcoholic beverage category thanks to portrayals in
     popular media such as Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter.
   • First and only sweet *sparkling* 100% honey mead on the market
   • Available in innovative, vividly colored 2-pack carriers or kegs.

Named after a legendary Celtic warrior queen who led a fiery, scorched-earth revolt against the Romans. Experience the beverage that fueled a rebellion.

Honey Grail won the South East regional pitch competition in Washington, D.C., of the Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream food and beverage competition. They flew us up to Boston where we met Jim Koch, founder of the second-largest craft brewery in the U.S. (after Yuengling).
Honey Grail Boudica's Uprising received Gold Medal & Best Buy (Exceptional - 93 Points) as the best *sparkling* honey mead and best value priced mead (under $10). Boudica's Uprising can be found for as little as $4.69/bottle, much less than lower rated meads that cost 9X as much! Judges described it as having, "Floral aromas and flavors of wintermint, almond-anise cookie, bubblegum dust, and cream soda..." That's a much better description that we could have ever come up with on our own!

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