Buccaneers' Bounty: Honey Rum Cider Grog

Buccaneers' Bounty: Honey Rum Cider Grog NewCondition Honey Grail On long sea voyages, stored drinking water, beer, and cider stagnates. In 1740, Admiral Edward Vernon ordered that rum be added to mask off-flavors and lengthen the shelf life of liquid rations. Grog, as it was known, became a staple of the British Royal Navy and popular among privateers and pirates alike. Honey Grail re-invents this maritime beverage by combining hard apple cider, rum essence, and a bit of honey.

grog pirates
Buccaneers' Bounty - Honey Rum Cider Grog:
   • Infused with a special natural rum flavoring yet retains a cider classification
   • First commercially available grog since the 18th Century
   • Available in innovative, vividly colored 2-pack carriers or kegs.

Named after the female pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read who became the first and only women captured, tried, and convicted of piracy in the Caribbean during the Age of Sail. Are you brave enough to drink a scoundrel's grog?
Honey Grail won the South East regional pitch competition in Washington, D.C., of the Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream food and beverage competition. They flew us up to Boston where we met Jim Koch, founder of the second-largest craft brewery in the U.S. (after Yuengling).
Choose to purchase this collectible coin, each individually-numbered and minted from 99.99% pure silver, that depicts our favorite female pirate (your choice of whom) drinking a pint of grog while firing her blunderbuss into the sky.

The purpose of piracy is loot and plunder. When you receive the coin, follow the instructions of registering it as an NFT so that it may be traded and sold for more money and for discounts and promotions of Honey Grail products!

Such as future purchases of Buccaneers' Bounty Rum Cider Grog for just $5/bottle or a keg for $99 plus shipping and handling. And whenever you sell the coin NFT on OpenSea for over $300, the new recipient receives a totally free shipment of Buccaneers' Bounty Rum Cider Grog!

Aye, matey!

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