Delicious Drinks Inspired By the Past


Boudica: Warrior Queen

Celtic lore speaks of the great Queen Boudica who valiantly led 100,000 warriors on a fiery scortched earth offensive against Roman invaders who sought to destroy the native cultures of Britannia.

In a series of swift and brutal attacks, she destroyed many Roman settlements, including ancient London.


Nefertiti: Lady of all Women

Amidst the shimmering sands and glistening monuments of Ancient Egypt stood mighty a ruler who challenged the orthodoxy of both centuries of pharaohs before her and the legions of gods above her.

Queen Nefertiti (meaning "the beautiful one arrives") founded a magnificent new governing capital and heralded one of the world's first monotheistic religions; all while ushering an era of peace and prosperity unparallelled in Egyptian history. Her mysterious death and undiscovered mummy remain an enigma to modern archeologists.


Anne Bonny & Mary Read: Sisters of the Sea

The Caribbean seas never witnessed two more daring and lethal women as Anne Bonny and Mary Read. Freedom, adventure, and equality lured these ladies into a pirate's life.

Partnered with the infamous Calico Jack Rackham, they terrorized, marauded, and plundered merchant ships until finally captured by bounty hunters. The gallows and noose awaited. Only the legal defense of "pleading the belly" (pregnancy) spared the women--no such fortune for Calico Jack.