Nefertiti's Dominion: Citrus Chardonnay Honey Mimosa

Nefertiti's Dominion: Citrus Chardonnay Honey Mimosa NewCondition Honey Grail Introducing the world's first and only commercially available Citrus ChardonnayTM . Honey Grail pioneers an innovative spin on a classic wine varietal by infusing a rich citrus zest with a touch of honey and a slight effervescence.

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Nefertiti's Dominion - Citrus Chardonnay Honey Mimosa:
   • First and only single serve bottled mimosa!
   • First and only "Citrus ChardonnayTM" in the world
   • Available in innovative, vividly colored 2-pack carriers or kegs.

Named after the enigmatic Eyptian queen who altered the course of ancient history. With a single sip, you'll be transported to an oasis.
Honey Grail won the South East regional pitch competition in Washington, D.C., of the Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream food and beverage competition. They flew us up to Boston where we met Jim Koch, founder of the second-largest craft brewery in the U.S. (after Yuengling).

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