Old Becomes New Again...

Honey Grail reintroduces drinks that harken to an earlier era and modernizes them for current tastes. As we like to say, "Smite Thy Thirst!"

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Mead, Mimosa, & Rum Cider Grog

Experience our sweet and delicious honey MEAD (mankind's oldest alcoholic beverage), fruity MIMOSA, or hearty rum cider GROG

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Boudica's Uprising: Sparkling Honey Mead

Boudica's Uprising is the premier semi-sweet sparkling honey mead in the United States. It's light, sweet, and effervescent. Unlike anything you've had before.

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Nefertiti's Dominion: Honey Mimosa

Chardonnay, oranges, and honey. Now that sound's like a wonderful combination. Trust us, it tastes better than it sounds!

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Buccaneers' Bounty: Honey Rum Cider Grog

Live like a pirate! Hard cider infused with the essence of rum and honey. Can this be legal?

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All Natural Ingredients

Honey Grail products are made with quality all-natural ingredients.
No grains, sugar, or high fructose corn syrup here.

An Alternative to Beer & Wine

Want something other than hoppy beer or pretentious wine?
Give Honey Grail a try.

Our Products

Mead, Mimosa, & Grog

Come discover these classic drinks, some that time forgot.
Mead: mankind's oldest alcoholic beverage.
Grog: hard cider + rum + honey.
Mimosa: Champagne + orange juice + honey.

Lore of Legendary Ladies

Delicious Drinks Inspired by the Past

Discover how our mead, mimosa, and grog were inspired by history's most fearsome, and often ruthless, women. They may look sweet, but they pack a punch. Just like our beverages! Don't just drink, but rather Smite Thy Thirst!

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